Crossroads lights up the stage with a combination of classic rock, blues, as well as modern hits and an occasional country tune. With the guitar talents of Ed Mcgarr and Jerry Garduno, and hot vocals from Mandy Shoell and Natalie Monsen, they have the sounds to please young and old.

Their playlist includes favorites from classic bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Santana, mixed in with hits from current artists like Adele, Jason Mraz, and Cold Play. Their wide variety comes from over 30 years of playing and entertaining audiences everywhere.

Mostly, they just like to have fun and share the fun with others.

The Players...

Ed McGarr - Lead Guitar and vocals
Ed has been playing rock and roll almost since they coined the phrase.  His influences come from all the great bands of the 60's and 70's - especially The Beatles.
Curtis Creek - Drums
Curtis is the quiet type - just sits back and rocks out to the beat.  He's also the coolest member of the band - he builds custom hot rods for a living!

Paul Bomquist - Bass
Paul started playing bass as a kid - and was an original member of Crossroads back in the 70's.  Making music a family affair, Paul brings not only his own talents but those of his daughters to the band.

Mandy Shoell and Natalie Monsen - Vocals

Natalie started recording professionally as a child, and Mandy has performed with singing groups all over the inter-mountain west. With great voices and resumes to match, these sisters give Crossroads dimension and versatility - plus they are a lot of fun to listen to.

Jerry Garduno - Guitar, Percussion, and vocals
Jerry and Paul have played in bands together for most of their lives.  He's the guy who can play every instrument in the band, plus a few we haven't added yet!
Skip Clavell - Keyboards and vocals
Having played in garage bands as a teenager, Skip still wants to be a rock star when he grows up.  His piano roots are in jazz and rock fusion.